• On average 26 construction workers die on the job each year in Virginia.
  • The loss is usually the primary wage earner in the household.
  • Due to a lack of savings and loss of income, there is an immediate need for help to cover expenses.
  • Those children under 18 who lose a parent, are significantly more likely to experience anxiety, depression, suffer from addiction, and commit suicide. Grief counseling is an essential part of healing.


The mission of Constructions Angels Virginia is to provide financial relief to the Virginia families of construction workers who suffer the ultimate tragedy on the job site. Relief will be given to the surviving spouse and children. Construction Angels Virginia will also provide grief relief resources and contacts in Virginia.


Construction Angels Virginia is off to a fast start fundraising, however, to begin providing substantial immediate financial relief to Virginia construction families, we must actively engage in fundraising activities around the state and build our financial reserves. CA Virginia’s goal is to raise the most funds with the smallest percent of expenses possible, to provide Virginia’s Construction Families struggling with tragedy, immediate financial relief.


CAVA, Inc. dba Construction Angels Virginia, a Virginia 501(c)3, was formed in the fall of 2019 to exclusively provide financial assistance to construction families (both vertical and horizontal) when tragedy strikes on the job site in the Commonwealth.
Michelle Horton of Ditch Witch of Virginia, Tracey Lamb of the SCC, and Vanessa Patterson of the Richmond Area Municipal Contractors Association and the Precast Concrete Association of Virginia worked together to create an organization made up exclusively of volunteers to raise funds to benefit Virginia’s construction families. They have leveraged their relationships with damage prevention and construction industry partners to start a charitable organization and will hold events, solicit corporate and individual donations all with minimum organizational expenses. More financial assistance will be available for Virginia’s families as there are no salaried employees, office rent, advertising, travel, or other large expenses or overhead. Money raised will be money available to Virginia’s families.